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Garden column: Troubleshooting vegetable problems in your garden — from
Some seasoned gardeners may have moved from a northern climate where vegetable gardening was a breeze. Things are a little different in … Use pine straw or leaf mulch to help improve moisture retention. Remove affected fruit and apply a …
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Earwigs, anyone?
Often misunderstood and feared, these remarkable creatures can be both a blessing and a curse in the home vegetable garden. The earwig …. For fruit trees, use Tanglefoot, and keep suckers and weeds away from the base of trees. You can … I love …
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At Home Living: Planting later than sooner sometimes helps gardens
I know many of you have already planted your flowers and some vegetables. I have been a good girl and resisted the … Planting early means I have to weed, water, and cover my plants at night (if the temperatures drop too much) for an entire month …
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