My Frugal Organic Pest Control Solution for Slugs in the Garden | Ep. 38

My Frugal Organic Pest Control Solution for Slugs in the Garden | Ep. 38

Hello everyone ! Augh, it’s only early spring and I have pest problems in the garden already, and guess what that pest is….SLUGS!!! Yup, it’s been nibbling…
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In this episode we cover the identification of a very popular garden pest, the cabbage moth. We also look at an easily confused culprit, the slug! The signs …
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  • yangtse55 says:

    Are you familiar with the expression “salting the earth” in the context of
    classical warfare (in order to starve the enemy) ?
    It may be just a mistranslation and / or the salt may have been used only
    in ritual quantities, but unless you’re growing coastal species such as
    beetroot and chard, you probably don’t want salt anywhere near your garden
    – actually thinking about it, brassicas were also bred from a coastal

    I confess that this year after applying Vaseline to the rims of my pots of
    French marigolds failed to work, I did contemplate using salt in a similar
    way – so your video has made me rethink that one – though in my case the
    pots are never placed anywhere I want to grow anything.

  • The Frugal Gardener says:


  • basilador alburero says:

    salt works if you dont water ur plants

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    Sure will ^ ^ So far, this morning when I went out I didn’t see any more
    leaves that got munched on ^ ^

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    Thank you! The salt tape will last longer if road salt is used. They might
    not dissolve with the morning dew like table salt.

  • meta2 says:

    but what about flying bugs ?!!

  • ArizonaAdventures says:

    neat idea

  • CAMasterGardener says:

    We just uploaded a video of a trial to test how copper strips deter slugs
    and snails. The results may surprise you!

  • Rainbow Gardens says:

    Cute video!

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    I think because when I was taking them outside to be planted I didn’t
    harden them off long enough. We had a few weeks of nice weather before it
    was officially spring. I planted them one week before spring. When spring
    came, the weather turn cold and nights were below freezing. In the morning
    we had strong winds.

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    Romi, one pest at a time, jajaja! It hasn’t been warm enough here yet for
    me to get flying bugs. The only flying bugs I don’t like that hasn’t come
    yet are the white moths/butterflies that lay their eggs on my brassicas.
    Their little green caterpillars (called cabbage worms) ate all my Red
    Russian Kale and Dino Kale last year.

  • Gardeninggirl1107 says:

    looks great – hope it works 🙂

  • J0eCh0p says:

    beer lees from homebrewing – it makes lots, and the beer’s great but not
    for animals, children or slugs

  • Growingdaniel says:

    Ah. I hope it does well for you anyway 🙂

  • Growingdaniel says:

    Great idea! I’m confused tho; I thought B. Sprouts were cool-weather crops,
    like Cabbage? How did it get cold burn?

  • MoShowAndTell says:

    I love your channel. Thanks for finding me. I appreciate frugality and
    creativity. I noticed debris in this video. To discourage “pests” & take
    away their hiding places, I find cleaning all debris,dead & diseased plant
    material away from the plants helpful. Also crunched up (clean, dried) egg
    shells keeps the slugs away. I spread them at the base of bothered plants.
    -Peace, Mo

  • apirlrain says:

    very cool, first time gardener here, lost my bok choy this morning to the
    slugs ;(

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    It works until it rains ^ ^

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    Thanks Donna !

  • The Productive Garden says:

    That is a great idea. Please let us know if it works for you.

  • Theawesomegardener says:

    Good idea!

  • The Frugal Gardener says:

    Thanks Issac!

  • OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

    Good info, Luke! We’ve been very lucky this year – very little damage from
    slugs and cabbage worms.

  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

    Thanks for that short how to, Luke. I am having some slug problems right
    now, and was about to go out and buy some Sluggo Plus, which does work, but
    like you said, a pain to re apply. I will try sand, its way cheaper!

  • Jason Haeger says:

    I am still just in awe that bt is considered organic. Do NOT use bt.

  • Grow Your Heirlooms says:

    The dreaded “white cabbage butterfly” larvae. Most people are unaware that
    whenever they see little white butterflies flying around, their plants are
    soon to be targeted. Kill them before they lay and the larvae hatches. An
    ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    As for slugs, they HATE dry soil.

  • Brock Hughes says:

    Excellent Luke! I have problems with them in my little dirt greenhouse so
    I’ll give this a go! Great short bro :)

  • HelpMamaRemote says:

    Those varments attack our cabbage and broccoli this year. 

  • fluffysuds says:

    Those green worms loves my cabbage and brussels sprouts they look like
    swiss cheese lol

  • Chris Norris says:

    Great video! Hey been picking those caterpillars off. Seems to be working.
    Thanks. Also, have tomato blight. Are there any remedies/cure/treatments to
    correct the problem? Trying to go all organic this year. Thanks

  • Tim Huffman says:

    Great video Luke. Here in Florida, I rely on Southern AG brand B.T but I
    also like to use it sparingly…. A great home-aid bug control solution I
    have found is to make hot pepper spray using an extremely hot variety of
    peppers. So it’s great to grow some bhut jolokia’s or ghost peppers, or
    those carolina reapers, then toss them in a blender with water and use that
    liquid on your plants and on the soil surface… Seems that most “bad bugs”
    don’t like hot stuff, and the hotter the pepper the more effective

  • ppitt5150 says:

    Another good way to deal with the bugs is to use “tulle”. It is pronounced
    “tool”. It is the material used to make wedding vales out of. It works
    great and is a bit stronger than the Remay, or Agribon. It also allows
    more light, water, and air penetration.

  • Gardening & More says:

    Good to know

  • Steve T-J says:

    Another interesting video Luke. After watching it twice, I realised that
    the two “very stationary” people in the background are statues!! LOL..
    Steve :)

  • Eric Mastenbrook says:

    Thanks, Luke!

  • mcraw4d says:

    I’ve heard several organic gardeners mention a pie plate at ground level
    (or a dirt berm around it) filled with beer works well for attracting and
    drowning slugs. Curious if anyone has used that method and if so it’s

  • Cameron Golden says:

    Hi Luke,
    My name is Cameron and i am going to start 5, 8×4 foot garden beds. I’ve
    had a smaller garden before… but I want to go totally organic this time.
    What should I put in the soil such as minerals and “plant food” like fish
    emulsion. I know it’s too late to start a garden for main crops but I can
    probably start lettuce or something in september! Thank you for your help!

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:
  • Bob C says:

    I am sorry, but I was confused by your video, so I consulted Wikipedia.
    Having had a course in entomology in college, I was not familiar with the
    term Cabbage Moth. Wikipedia shows a picture of it and states that it is
    found in Europe, Russia and Japan. No mention of the U.S. Now. . . the
    Small White Cabbage Butterfly is an insect that I’m very familiar with.
    $$%^&*&!$%#! It has spread worldwide and a serious pest in my garden!

  • PinkChucky15 says:

    Great info, thanks for bringing us along :-)

  • sha whit says:

    ugh, hate bugs. Hate slugs and worms/caterpillars. ugh. Love organic ways
    to deal with them, except picking them off with my bare fingers! ugh. lol
    Thanks guys. 

  • derty.QWERTY42N says:

    Azamax. OMRI certified. Also, Safer 3-in-1 spray DILUTED (it burns if you
    dont dilute it!). Nothing survives if you use both of those OMRI certified

  • Jay C says:

    good stuff bro!!

  • RLSgardener says:

    dang that cabbage was tore up =)

  • Linda Penney says:

    Lovely update thank you for sharing

  • Chris Norris says:

    Great video! Hey been picking those caterpillars off. Seems to be working.
    Thanks. Also, have tomato blight. Are there any remedies/cure/treatments to
    correct the problem? Trying to go all organic this year. Thanks

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