Organic Weed Control with Jean-Martin Fortier

Organic Weed Control with Jean-Martin Fortier
So-called natural organic herbicides claiming to control weeds may do so in the short term, but they destroy the long-term biological health of the soil. For weed management practices to be both ecological and sustainable, a market gardener should …
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Watersheds eligible for federal aid
Soil and organic matter should be removed before sanitizing. The materials may neutralize the … Mr. Flanary said using full pre-emergency herbicides is an important tool to add different modes of action to control weed species. This is critical to …
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Gardening: Leslie McClanahan — A holistic approach to landscaping
Organic lawn care is extremely challenging just because of the weeds. I think that an organic weed-free monoculture grass lawn of any considerable size is pretty much impossible. I have tried so many organic weed control products for lawns and they …
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Prepare your lawn and garden
If you are worried about weeds or grasses growing through your plants, Linton recommends you use an herbicide. We know bugs and insects come around every year. Linton recommends using an organic insecticidal soap spray. He says it is easy to use, …
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